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Success...well sort of re: 560SEL

This is regarding the 560SEL project car I have been working on.

Got the combination switch installed and finished off the driver's side interior, bolted the wheel on and attached the air bag. I had the crash sensor disconnected and the battery disconnected while completing these steps. Once the bag was secure I made the sensor connection and put the battery back in. Now for the moment of truth...

I sat in the passenger seat and turned the key. Engine fired off and the air bag DID NOT deploy YAAAHOOO.

Now to figure out what I missed. The SRS light remains lit (on/off with accompanying buzzer). I'm thinking the seat belt tensioners went off when the air bag did, and that possibly that is what is causing the SRS lamp. Sound likely? Anything else I should look into.

Outside of the SRS lamp, everything else is going smoothly, even managed to sneak a four mile drive in.
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