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Just this weekend I had to repace the waterpump which required th removal of the harmonic ballancer. As I recall ther were six allen bolts that hold the ballancer and pully assembly. If you have stripped out the allen bolts you may have to get a die grinder to grind off the heads. Then the pully and harmonic ballancer should nearly fall off. Be carefull not to drop it. It has a magnetic pickup for ignition timeing, don't damage it. After that the bolt studs should be plenty accessable to remove them. The big center bolt does not need to come off unless you intend to go further into the timing chain area.
Ps get a new set of quality allen sockets, it will make life much easier. I've been using my tools for over 25 years and the do become worn out. Every month I buy a new set of something.

I see that your mileage is 126,000, are you repalcing the waterpump? If so they are only good for 63,000 miles each!
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