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Question Opinions requested. Looking at an '86 300E.

Hi. I'm looking for opinions on whether I should further pursue looking at a certain 1986 300E that's for sale, meaning set an appointment to look at it and get a pre-purchase inspection. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I've never owned a Benz myself before!

From a conversation with the owner, I've gathered the following (note that I haven't seen the car yet):

2nd owner (bought at about ~130k miles)

Original paint
No rust
No accidents
No dings (probably means no noticeable dings/scratches)
Interior is good (back seat hardly used)

Overhauled by 2nd owner at ~140k miles at American Service Center, Arlington, VA (didn't go into exact specifics)
All service/repair work by first owner done at Amer Serv Ctr
2nd owner has had work done at Stuttgart West in Chantilly, VA and Foreign Car Service (???) in Arlington, VA somewhere near Washington Blvd

New brakes
New tires
New exhaust
New steering rack
New alternator
New battery
New "water" pump
other parts...

Not sure if "new" means within the last year though or "new" as in 3 to 4 years ago or 50k miles ago in relation to the age and mileage of the car. Owner does have receipts/paperwork which I will look at if I decide to see it and go for the PPI.

Was used for commuting about ~50 to 60 miles/day 3 or 4 years ago
Driven maybe 3k to 5k miles in the last two years (owner recently bought a 123 diesel and an ML)
Odometer stopped functioning at ~200k miles
Mileage probably around ~204k miles
Mostly used these days for weekend errands around the neighborhood

Everything seems to be functioning correctly, except:

the A/C was working UNTIL last summer
Owner stated that he can't hear the compressor turn on or the clutch
Thinks it may be a switch (and we both agreed it'll be looked at during a PPI anyway)

Asking $3k

I'm also looking at using this as a weekend/errand car. Maybe a daily driver if it looks like it would be reliable.

Any thoughts on whether I should continue to pursue this? The owner was friendly and very accomodating over the phone (also been an MBCA member for 7+ years though not very active).

Lots of thanks in advance!

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