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Thanks for the reply Crowe

Yes, the AC not working is a concern of mine as well as the odometer not functioning (and not knowing actual mileage), although I have read the posts about removing the instrument cluster.

I've also read posts where the advice given was to pass on 300Es if they have AC or transmission problems.

I did read one of your old posts about having AC problems too when you purchased your car. How did that turn out in the end?

And lastly, I've read that the AC on the 124s should be serviced every 50k miles. Sound about right? Don't know what is involved in the servicing though.

If you had to do it over again (purchase your car with the known AC problem), would you? Or do you think most people would rather have spent the combined total costs of buying the car and fixing the AC on a newer/different model with no AC problems...or even a totally different make (the horror!).

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