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I guess it depends on if you absolutely need the AC. We are talking about 15 - 16 year old cars.

Back in NOV, I bought my 87 300TD, knowing that the AC hydraulic hose was leaking (you can see the oily stuff on it) and that the odometer was not working (stopped at 62kmi). I trusted the lady who sold me the car and she told me these were the only two problems on the car and I did check it out very thoroughly. After owning it for two months, these were the only problems I found on the car. But I can live with these two problems and the price of the car is right and the rest of the car is good. If I cannot drive the car three out of 52 weeks here in Michigan, it is fine with me. I am not planning on selling the car, so the odometer is no issue to me although I would like to get it fixed just because. How many cars 15 years or older have working AC?
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