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Unhappy Help! Out of Patience 190E 16V

My 1987 190E 16V was runnig great. However it ran warm (110C) when standing in traffic for over 15 mins, but cooled down once we started moving. The auxiliary fan didn't make any difference. All of the sudden it's developed a miss at idle speed and a hesitation when first taking off. I've changed the fuel pump,
the rotary cap, the sparkplug resistors and sparkplugs and it's still the same. I do not know if the almost overheating has anything to do with this new problem, but when you first start the car, it runs fine. after it warms up to 80C it starts missing & hesitating. If anyone can help, please do so. I do not live in a Mercedes oriented community, so there isn't a Mercedes mechanic within 50 miles of me. (Not that I can afford their rates) So I'm trying to do it myself. Thanks. Jim
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