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Angry **HELP** Spring leaped off while driving 97 E420 **UPDATED**


Can anyone help me out here!

I just had my 1997 E420 shipped across country. Everything seemed ok coming off of the truck and after a quick hop around the block so I signed off of the shipment manifest.

Driving around the block I hit a small bump on the street. (Very small, it was an old manhole cover that was sealed over -- nothing unusual at all). I heard a BANG and then some loud whumping in the front left wheel wheel. It sounded like bowling balls in a dryer. Then ZING and I saw the entire spring shoot across the road! Fortunately I was only driving about 20 miles an hour and I was already in the right hand lane so I pulled over safely. I was able to run across the intersection and retrieve the suicidal spring. It appears to be intact. On the plus side I now have that sporty "lowrider" look ;-) too bad it's only on the front left side of the car!

My question is: what is involved in putting the spring back on and how much should I expect to pay?

Oh, and by the way, the shipper was American Auto Transporters of Canton, MA ( Please, no comments about how I should have tested it more thoroughly before signing off... believe me, I know!

**Update from the dealer**

The dealer just called and told me that the upper spring mount has been completely jerked off of the car. As in, it is no longer present at all on the car! Plus, it is a perfectly clean break along the weld (this is a welded part, not a bolted part). The dealer says that they have never, ever had to replace one of these due to "natural causes" (i.e., wear and tear), it only breaks if the weight of car is put on it by unnaturally attempting to pull/tow the car in an unnatural manner.

Fortunately the dealer also said that the shipper is welcome to send a representative down to check it out and he will show the shipper exactly what it looks like.

The good news is that welding on a new piece is estimated to only cost $492... the bad news is that my deductible is $500. It would be a pity to have to bring the lawyers into this one... let's hope that the shippers see the light of day. Thoughts?

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