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Sorry it happened

1. Being with the military I know how this can happen, they must have hooked the shipping chains to the springs. Look at the springs for rubbing marks.
2. Do youall have AutoZone in MA? They rent a spring compress tool, itís a good deal, you pay for the price of the tool but when you return you get the full price back!
3. Yes itís true, I did this and was happy with the service!
4. Oh make sure you get the kind that goes inside the spring.
5. Last thing look over the contract you might be compensated, we had a guy in Iceland once had an alignment problem, when he took it in, it was discovered that one of the links was bent from being hooked to hold it study during transit this was about 4 months after the delivery. He got an estimate of proof from the shop and the got paid for the repairs.

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