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Unhappy 190E Nightmare. Help!!!


A few months ago, my car was diagnosed with a bad fuel distributor by an independent garage. It was idling rough and hesitated during acceleration. So I had it fixed. After getting the car back, it ran fine for the first 5 minutes, then back to the irregular idling.

The mechanic told me that this was due to my dirty injectors. After installing the fuel distributor, the mechanic told me that my engine started to surge. This was partially solved by cleaning out the injectors.

A few days ago, my car now experiences weak idling. Everytime I press on the gas, the car dies. I spent nearly $1000 fixing the fuel distributor and the problem does not go away. The independent garage warrenties their work for 12 months or 12k miles.

Would it be unreasonable of me to take it back to the mechanic and have him fix the REAL problem? Please help me. I almost jumked my car for another brand.

'85 190E 2.3
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