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Severe hesitation on acceleration from stop


Recently purchased 1991 300CE (W124/M104), currently 108,000 miles. Over the last month I have replaced both transmission cooling hoses, Transmission Pan Filter & gasket, Spark plugs (bosch twin platinum), distributor cap, rotor, valve cover gasket, Upper timing seal gasket, Fan belt tensioner damper, fan belt, fuel filter. Timing chain and upper rail guide "looked" ok when I replaced the seal strip gasket 3 weeks ago.

I disconnected the battery when I changed the fuel filter and upon reconnection the MB was rough idling and hesitant on acceleration from stop. After about 3 days this problem cleared itself.

This past weekend I had to remove the steering wheel to locate a loose part in the bottom of the steering wheel. I disconnected the battery to avoid setting off the driver airbag.

When I re-connected the battery, the MB idled a bit rough and the hesitation problem resurfaced. The hesitation could almost be classified as a misfire at times but feels more like flooding.

Today, the hesiation exists but there is now a noise that sound like it might be coming from the timing chain area.

The hesitation is only upon acceleration from a stop. Once the car is moving there is no hesitaion, however; the noise is still there. (Sounds like a clanking noise)

I've done research looking for help on this issue to know avail.

Is there anyone out there who can help me in my pusuit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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