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re: service opinon

i dunno...but....even with 91K, it sounds kinda funky to do head gaskets, etc. on that car. either beaten hard, or poorly maintained? ...maybe your tech sees evidence of a 'scary job' ahead. ...even with many justifiable complaints on this forum re: bad service, i can tell you there's often another side to the story.

i had a guy last summer bring me an old 450SL. he said it just needed some minor things to run smooth, as he'd had a 'major' tuning only 1000 miles prior ( are you smelling that Limburger yet? ). first thing i did was pull the dist. cap & it looked like the grand canyon at night in there...he hit the roof when i told him that he needed a 'major' again because it wasn't done before. the story get worse from there, but you get the picture.
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