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Lee Scheeler
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Ah Mark,
I am glad to see you are enjoying the 500E!
As Nick said the Valentine 1 is the best you can buy. The best defense against cops/speed traps is to use your eyes and your head. The V1 can help you out at night, or in some specific situations, but you still need to stay sharp. Observe traffic's behavior in front of you. If people all tap their brakes for no apparent reason I'd wager a dougnut devil is waiting around the next bend. You already have the advantage of driving a benz. Speeding in a benz is akin to robbing a bank in a suit. It is not absolution by any means, but it does seem to get you a bit more slack than "the great unwashed" in Camaros, Stangs, Vettes, etc. (gawd did that sound condecending! j/k) I know exactly how easy it is to cruise at 5-10-20-30-um nevermind over the limit in that car. Considering you can be at/over the legal speedlimit on most major expressways in 5.5 secs... The combination of sharp eyes, quick reflexes, and a V1 is the best defense you can get. Here is a link to the Valentine Research website.