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you may have the 500e lights,that do have a driving light vs fog light.
i'm attaching a picture of 300e,400e up close euro light. i have fog lights.
also the euro's [except in france] have a white foglight. there is no yellow cover over it.
if you still have your u.s. lights e-mail me i have a question for you.

in order to have the headlight beam adjuster installed you must have either bosch or vacuum adjustable hella lights. are either of these what you have?
this webpage is a big help and has a lot of good info,but is not complete.

if your lights have this feature let me know, i may be able to help you get the switch panel and dial. there are 2 options. one is [imo] NOT nearly as authentic as the other.
do a search here on "beam adjuster" and "vacuum adjustable lights".

let me know
*92 400e 124.034, SOLD

*92 300e 124.030, SOLD
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