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Mark Herzig
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First the car does not veer when hitting the brakes. It tracks straight at very slow speeds. While coasting, there's a very lazy drift right that's not nearly as pronounced as it was before the allignment.
You hit the nail on the head. The right-front rim had curb damage. The lip shows scrape damage covering about 50% of the circumference and there is one bend about the width of a dime. When I took the car into the mechanic, the damaged rim was at drivers-rear. THe tires are uni-directional so we suspected that the front-right and rear-left had been inter-changed (judging by the rotational arrow on the tire). When I took the car to be alligned, the analysis revelled 1)Left Front Camber,Caster and Tow where out of specification, 2) Right Front Camber, 3)Rear was OK.

When Finished, the Front Cross Cambeer, Cross Caster and Total Toe were OK as well as the Rear Total Toe and Thrust Angle. However, the Right Rear Toe was out of specification at .31 where the range is .17 to .29. Mechanic said he couldn't quite get it but would not be concerned. He comes HIGHLY recommended and is an expert alligning MB's.

I guess I should get the rim repaired, but these cars must be ultra sensitive! My 300E has a scraped rim with equal damage and it's never been a source of problems (I also use MXV4's - maybe non-related)