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Originally Posted by remotemark View Post
Has anyone ever removed the cover from a 124 driver's side mirror? I am considering smashing the "guts" of it to get to the clips from the inside, but would prefeer something a little more reasonable if possible.
I often wandered that too. My project(on my to do list) is to motorize the driverside mirror on my W126 SEC.

I practised a little on a junker today. To make the job easier, remove the mirror from the car. Since the driver side mirror is manual, ???WTF??? it's a Mercedes!!!, look at the back of the adjust lever. Using a small flat head screw driver, position the driver so the flat head catches one of the small groves. In doing so, you will be removing the "key" that locks the lever in place.

Then use the same driver and carefully pry off the triangle shaped cover.
There may be a sponge insulator. Removing that will reveal three screws.
Take them out and the mirror comes off.

Next, angle the mirror as far to one side to reveal the "clip". Unhook the clip as best you can. I used needle nose pliers to really unhook the clip. The more slack you can make, with the clip the ease of removing the mirror glass. Well, I actually used my thumb to help pry the mirror glass from it's grip to the clip. Once out, I readily reinstalled the clip on the mirror glass. So as not to loose it.

Looking at the mirror body remove the two large screws. Then using your thumbs you can separate the back from the rubber gasket.

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