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Finally I can get an answer..

Now that I've come across a universal MB forum, I can get an answer to that question which had been bugging me for months now... In the late '80's S-class predecessors, i.e. 300SE 500SEL etc etc, what is the arrow on the autobox in the '2' position? My 190E nor the various 300Es I've driven have this - what does it do?

Also, when you are stationary and shift into '2', does this lock your car into *1st* gear, and won't change unless you hit the redline? 190s do, I think because they usually pull away in 2nd then shift down to 1st if you use lots of throttle, but it's not good for a quick getaway because of slight delay. By putting it in '2' you get a 'guaranteed' 1st gear if you like. This happens only if stationary, otherwise 2 just works like 3 in limiting you to anything below 2 / 3.


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