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I think the debate about conservative vs. definitive repair could go on forever. I usually like to try the least-expensive fix first myself, but I think when it comes to our cooling systems, this is probably NOT the right approach. There are a few things I know which can fry an MB engine: running it out of oil or severely overheating it. We have oil pressure gauges and low-oil lights for the former. However, a radiator neck blowing off while you're tooling down I-80 at 80 mph can EASILY fry your engine before your engine temp gauge clues you in (remembering that it is registering COOLANT temperature, and if you ain't got coolant, it's registering air temp.)

Mine blew last summer in the driveway, fortunately; when it blew, it BLEW and I lost a ton of coolant VERY VERY fast.
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