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Body and Accesories chapter 3.1 PSE/RTG, page 32/1:
As of 12/93, in vehicles as of chassis end number 118 121, pressure or vacuum for the lock stiker actuator is applied in parallel with the retractable trunk lid grip actuator.
BT80.40-P-0001-01A "Power locking with additional quick release"
Model 140.#### ## as of 118121
Function: para. 2
"If the trunk lid is opened the PSE applies pressure to the retractable trunk lid handle (RTH) as well as the striker eye for power locking via an additional element (2) causing them to extend.
I also think there is a modification that has to be done if the striker actuator goes bad, I couldn't find it, I believe there is an SI out there concerning this, that you change the vacuum/pressure source from the CA (which up until number 118121 would have been providing the vac/pressure) over to the RTG lines, which came from the PSE.
Since he is complaining of both the RTG and the striker extending, I would tend to agree that his is either post-118121, or has been modified due to replacement parts, since only these 2 scenarios would act in this way, unless he has a way-too-coincidental failure. And since the back-up assist rods are PSE actuated also, it really does sound like a bad PSE.
My only point is that only the first 118,121 cars had the power striker operated by the CA pump, after that it operated on the same line from the PSE as the RTG. (for those not familiar with these, the RTH (retractable trunk handle) is often referred to as the RTG (retractable trunk grip), same part, different acronym.
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