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My '91 300E with 168k miles, just had its rear springs replaced with stock MBZ springs. The rear suspension was hitting the bump stops with passengers in the rear seats.

The results are great! Car feels balanced and the ride seems to be improved AND no more hitting full compression on the suspension. Very glad I did this. I am very satisfied with the ride quality improvement and except for the small amount of reduction in the rear ride height, it is great.

The springs are from FastLane, OEM MBZ matched to the car's VIN #. The ones I took out in comparison to the new ones were exact: Same height and same color codes painted on them.

I did not replace the rubber collar between the body and the spring. It is a three-bump collar. The rear is just a little lower than before the springs were replaced.

Would replacing the collar with a fresh one really make any difference?

Instead should I

A) replace the collar with a four bump?
B) just replace the old three bump collar with a new one?
C) Possibly replace the front springs two bump with a one bump and lower the front end slightly and get the weight transfer?

I am trying to find what the front and rear heights should be.

Thanks for your help,

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