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Hey, thanks for the feedback, i will look in to the undgo and viper. That sucks about canada, but we've had theft here too. I work at a toy store and witnessed someone steal a new escalade and get away with it before the cops got there. Also my friend put $7,000 in to his mustang between a $2,000 sub all locked up in a box, PS2 in the car, gps, alpine dvd player with lcd, all of that jazz. He had it all professionally installed and bolted down, he left it outside his house, woke up in the morning, everything was stolen, everything. They unbolted everything, took the sub, ps2, even his old head unit. @$$holes. Because i leave my laptop in my car alot of the times, and just because i plain love my car, i would like an alarm. So if anyone else has any good experience with particular ones, let me know! Thanks again!
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