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Longevity of 94 E420?

Recently, I had the displeasure of the following repairs to my 1994 E420 with 130,000 miles:

1. Wiring Harness
2. Throttle Valve Actuator
3. Valve Cover Gaskets

At the present time, the only "problem" I am aware of concerns a 2 second hesitation before the car shifts into reverse. Once it is in reverse, it behaves normally, and there is no delay going into Drive. I have been told to just leave it be until the car either refuses to shift into reverse, or strands me altogether.

My question is this: I plan on owning this vehicle for a long time. Other than the obvious valve job and transmission replacement, what are some of the other problems I can expect to experience as the car gets older? One mechanic told me that I should seriously consider selling the car when it hits 180,000 miles, since the wheel bearings will need to be replaced (labor intensive), as well as the valuation hit I will take after the car turns over 200,000. Is this sound advice?

In reading the great review of this model on this wonderful site, I see that only 15,000 or so 400E/E420's were sold from 1992-95, and I wonder when I might be facing the costly valve job and transmission repairs. How much do these repairs typically run, assuming I go to an independent mechanic? Are there a bunch of ancillary repairs which usually go hand in hand with the valve job and transmission?

Finally, does anyone out there own a high milage 400E/E420 with real world experience as to how this car ages? Since my car is at 130,000 miles, and I drive about 25,000 miles per year, 180,000 miles is only two years away.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer some of these questions.
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