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Question rear camber on W124 chassies, What's the deal?

Hello all,
It irks me that I can't adjust camber on my rearend with all these beatiful links.

When I bought the car it was lowered with an Eibach kit of some sort (a sticker on one of the springs tells me that) and it has a negative camber of 2.0 and 2.1 in the rear. These are the only alignemts that are out of spec on the car, everything else is right on the money.

It would be nice to adjust it down a tad bit to get it to spec and getting rid of the "saggy" look at the same time.

I figured it might be a bushing that is shot somewhere and began hunting. The only suspects I found were the thrustarms on both sides and these were replaced promtly but it didn't improve the camber.
Took a look in a Haynes manual and saw that on their car they have eccentric bolt adjustments on the lower inner mounting point for the bottom controlarms. However on my car it's a simple round hole and a straight bolt only.

My plan is to get a eccentric bolt that fits the bushing and take my trusty powertools and make the hole oval.

Sounds simple right? anything that I have missed?

MB E300TDT -98
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