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Question Squeeling Birds Under The Hood!

I have a 1993 190e 2.6 (104,000 mi). About 6 months ago I had to have the water pump replaced. The job cost me about $900 (complete w/ new mercedes waterpump, did I get ripped off?). Shortly after that, I started hearing a squeal after starting the car, especially on cold mornings (50 degrees F and below). The squealing stops as I accelerate and a few minutes later the noise dissappears. As time has gone on, the squealing doesn't go away so quickly and now there is a constant chirping sound when the car idles. The affable service tech at the Mercedes repair shop (the smae that did the water pump) says it's the air pump. An $800 part. AGGGGHHHH! However, the service manger also said that the air pump could simply be dissconnected. Is that true? If so, can you tell me how to dissconnect it. I've also heard dissconnection will result in the service engine light coming on. Is there an overide for this? Please help.
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