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the cost of the replacement of the closing assist pump on my car was about $800.00 parts and labor at the MB dealer.The cost was covered by warranty....curiously I was also having occassional problems with my reversing rods not retracting...but all the tech did was to clean the switches that activate them and that seemed to clean up the problem ... that was two years ago and I have not had any more issues with the reversing rods

he did however tell me at the time that I could have the updated latch(that was less probelmatic) from the 1995+ cars installed...however if I chose that I would have to pay $300.00 from my own pocket..I declined
The new pump seems to be faster acting than the old one...also seems to be stronger as I accidently closed the driver's door on a half inch piece of plastic the other day and door closing device snapped the pice in two.....made me wonder what would happen if a child got his hand closed in the door accidently...there is definitely enough force they to break a finger

1992 300SD
Columbus Ohio
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