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Originally posted by blackmercedes
A used M3 would be my own personal hell. All M-series BMW parts are tremendously expensive, and the cars are mostly thrashed to bits by squid owners.

The different market for AMG vs. M-series really helps too. Most MB owners are not street-racing yuppie gangsta-wannabes that used Daddy's AMEX to buy their cars.

Oh petulant one:

When looking at the performance divisions of both marques (BMW and MB), you must agree that from a *performance* standpoint, both have a lot to offer - I think a lot of times it simply comes down to whether you want a manual or an automatic (M5 vs. E55, M3 vs. C36, etc.).

From a *value* standpoint, I'm not so sure, and we'd probably disagree - but that's OK.

I guarantee a pre-owned NA E36 M3 would be easier on the wallet to own than the comparable AMG car. As exclusive? No. But perhaps that's what's really driving your ranting.

Finallly, like the majority here I'd bet, my daddy didn't buy my M3 with his AMEX - unfortunately I might add 8^) - OTOH, there seems to be no shortage of posters on this board who have done quite well having their daddy buy/hand down a very nice/expensive MB - the characterization/stereotype easily runs both ways.

I love MB's and BMW's - neither would be as good without the other - can't we all just get along?

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