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Thx for your replys, but the ASR/ABS lights are still on

I have read all of the above replies and went in to have my codes seems that (3) of my wheel sensor codes are faulty. the autorized benz mechanic said that my 20" wheels and tires should be replaced with factory stock wheels inorder for him to test the wheel speed sensors. he said he occaisionally will replace one sensor but not 3 at a time. Voltage & charging is OK. I do not have a Voltage protector on my model benz. I will replace all my fuses. I have had problems with instrument cluster shorts and had it fixed at dealer with some black box they replaced. the ASR ABS lights start to come on as soon as i drive about 20 feet out of my driveway. by the way i had the 20" wheels on the car for 6 months before i began to have the ABS/ASR light problem. thx again gentle men, i greatly appreciate your help!! mike, 480 563 4344 phoenix.
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