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I have codes from various places. If you email me . I will send the led/sw codes in jpg to you.

The codes for your car are slightly different in that you have the led/sw N/59 set up and the 94/95 E320 is both HFM EFI and
dist.-less ignition.

One niceity of the 16 socket box is that if you make your own led/sw set up [ see my archieves post ], you can enter the other sockets and get to the specifics....
Those code are completely different than the ck/eng built in led you are addressing.
The basic purpose of that led is to monitor ANY malfunction that will directly effect the performance of the Emmission system.
So when a mechanic want to know if your car will pass an
emmisison test, he just has to see if he gets a single flash....
if not, you are under arrest...
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