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Heating system 230-4

I have a 230-4 ,1975 in a cold climate in British Columbia, Canada.
My heating fan has failed and between our US/CAN exchange and potential labour charges I will have to spend approx $1000 ($700Can for parts and $300 for labour)if I wish to repair using Mercedes technology etc.

The forced external air system still distributes warm air as long as I am moving, but ziltch when stationary. Yes , I have added a scoop to the intake to help in the volume department. Window fogging is highly prevelant in these colder days and at minus 20 DegC we can get very cold just sitting still.

Has anyone installed blower fan system , using the plenum under the windscreen and utilising NA parts. There is a galvanised metal section running the full width of the screen, under the hood, that would provide good access and mounting for either a direct mount fan(s) or inlet hose connection for remote mounted fan(s). Does anyone know for sure that this is the front wall of the plenum with nothing behind it. I have not yet taken a drill or opened up the intake screen to look inside.

Anyone wishing to offer suggestions or point to existing equivalent work is asked to contact me at

Mike E
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