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A few more things about Mobil One.. besides the lowered pour-point of the oil another great advantage is it's high temperature tolerance. It will continue to lubricate well without fractioning (distilation) at hot points like exhaust valve stems and wrist pins. Low quality oils will fail at these points leaving deposits that adhere to the metal. Prior to owning a Benz I had a fuel-injected Volvo.. I went 20,000 miles on a single change of Mobil One.. the oil was still pink and clear at that point. The synthetic makeup of the oil does not require the complicated additive structure to make it a good lubricant that petrol oil does. These additives are degraded by chemical assult from combustion byproducts. Diesel truck fleets regularly go 100,000 miles on a single change of Mobil One (with aux micron filters). Gasoline fired engines with precise fuel injection systems can to farther on a change than carburated engines due to less chemical assult from un-burned hydrocarbon residue. So.. there are a lot of variables.