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Bruce R.
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Chris, olc - I beg to differ with in reguards to the "Star" article.
Second para. "Only engine oils(including SYNTHETIC or RECYCLED OILS)with any of the following classification grades or combinations thereof are approved:. The ACEA and API grades are then given.
The next para. tells which viscosity grade to select, based on the temp. range you expect to be driving in. Please see the chart, at the bottom of the page.
Both diesel and gasoline engines are covered by this article.
I don't believe any auto builder in the world would be brand specific, with the exception of Mercedes (read AMG) and GM (Corvette latest edition), both of which recommend Mobil 1.
Please don't take this as a flame, but the all the info you need to select your oil is in this article. You must still choose a brand, and formal testing that I was involved with indicated that Mobil 1 was better then about any thing else.
Note: Mobil 1 recommends at least 6000 miles be put on the engine with coventional oils before you start using it, or at least they did.
I hope this helps.

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