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My only comment regarding the above few posts relates to "running 10,000 to 15,000 miles then switching to Mobil One".. Thats what I did in 78 and it was recomended.. However, recent information buried deep in Mobil's technical stuff states several times that the precision machining techniques now used by major engine manufacturers renders little benefit from that method. They cite a few autos that come from the factory with Mobil One already installed in new cars.. I THINK Corvette and/or Ferrari were on that list. A full browse of Mobil One's website on the product might find it. All that said, I would still run several thousand miles on conventional oil, get a feel for consumption rates, let wear patterns set in a bit, then switch. Mobil has many pages on the synthetic products. Also, Mobil's Delvac One is the synthetic they sell to trucking fleets. It has the same benefit of the synthetic but formulated to better suspend soot generated by diesels. It is a little more expensive than the regular Mobil One and probably not worth the investment considering our frequent change rates compared to trucking firms. Also, I believe it only comes in the 15W50 grade.. could be wrong on that though. But the purist who wants the best could likely do very well to install one of those micron-level filters, (available as after-market fitting for Benz) use Delvac One , and extent change rates considerably. If you go searching for Delvac One (available at some truck stops and any Mobil distributor) don't confuse it with just plane Delvac.. that is a conventional oil.. look for Delvac ONE.

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