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If you didn't want to spend the money on a newer, cookie cutter car then look at the pre-95'cars; like 500E/E500s that can be had for a very reasonable price b/t $20-40K with good mileage numbers nowadays...400E/E420s are also super deals and plenty fast enough with the same excellent build quality. The AMG C36 & 43s are also cool but still command big bucks (I was looking for a C43 before I found my 500E)I assume you are looking for a fast car with 4 doors that you can daily drive....although you couldn't go wrong with just a plain old Sportline 190E or 300E...solid, reliable, classy and with a bit of further would be a fun car to throw around the roads and last you indefinitely provided you maintain it sensibly. Let us know how your search goes.

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