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My trans filter/gasket set finally came in and I'm gonna jump on changing my fluid ASAP after work. I'm trying to remember the size of the allen bolt to loosen the torque converter on my 560SEL...does anyone know off the top of their head? I also heard (from an indy MB shop owner) that trans fluid called "supertech" (I think) is supposed to be a pretty good fluid and he's been using it for MB tran fluid service at his garage and runs it in his SL500...I noticed it yesterday AT WAL-MART while he was buying cases of 1 gallon containers! I read the back of one and it does conform with specs for Chrysler,GM and Foreign transmissions (Daimler-Chrysler??).I was almost compelled to buy it but of course I still had "WAL MART" in my head instead of trans fluid. The thing I ran into last night after leaving WAL MART (with my mechanic's creeper for 10 bucks) I stopped at Autozone,Pep Boys,and Advance and NONE carried trans fluid in gallon containers and I didn't notice any kind of so-called "big" name fluid.It was just AAMCO trans fluid or Contco trans fluid.
Does it even matter or is it moreso "just as long as it's Dextron III ?" I would much rather go back to WAL-MART after work and pick up the gallons like the MB shop owner (because it's so much easier since I know that my car's trans is good to go after two gallons of trans fluid). Any ideas? I just know I'll end up right back at WAL MART though at $4 a gallon!
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