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Steve, again many thanks. Very informative and helpful.

You asked, "which nut?" I meant that, when reassembling everything, what is the correct tightening torque spec on nut item 150 in the diagram? Is there a tightening torque spec for nut item 54?

If the carrier (unnumbered item in no. 158) fails to come off easily, even with a sharp rap on the carrier, after loosening bolt item 54 part way, I would guess that I might slowly/slightly lower the bottle jack where I shall have previously placed it under the lower control arm to relieve spring pressure on the arm. Of course, I shall also have clamps on the coil springs as well.

From what I now understand, it seems that I will not be totally screwed if I put so much leverage on the head of bolt item 142 that the head breaks. The carrier is coming off anyway to change the control arm.

Now I have to hope that the lower control arm and the item 158 are not outrageously expensive.

Given the apparent reaming wider of the bolt holes in the lower control arm, clearly I will have to replace that arm. I just hope they are not outrageously expensive.

Again, Steve, thanks.
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