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VIN help cont.

Some of you may remember that I had a question on what appeared to be a strange VIN on a '95 E420 I'm considering purchasing.

A call to MBUSA confirmed that is indeed a European Car. Strange, as I thought I heard the V8 W124's were built only for the American Market.

Searching the archives, most questions about grey market cars are about getting the car here and passing DOT and EPA regs, but with this car already here, what can I expect? I've never heard experiences on such a late model euro-car. Will its performance, handling be any different that a US model? It is new enough to have modern emissions controls right? (The car has been liscenced in FL for two years and was serviced at Coral Gables MB very thoroughly - new wiring harness and all! )

Any insight from others would be greatly appreciated. I'm planning on keeping this car for a long length of time, so the consideration of potentially lower re-sale doesn't bother me.

- Ryan
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