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Originally posted by JimSmith
Silver Boat,
The original importer should be noted on the identification tag on the driver door frame. You should have gotten a copy of the original EPA and DOT certification releases when you bought the car also, as this can be brought up when you register your car in a state with an empowered bureaucrat behind the counter and the rules are you should have them.

Like Larry said, the car had to have the odometer/speedometer changed to miles as part of the DOT certification but there is no calibration required, and often the speedometer and odometer have really poor accuracy. This can make the mileage off significantly, and can make you an inadvertent target for the cops with radar.

The clutch and transmission for a US 280E might have been a source of parts for you if they were actually imported. I do not think even the 280E was available back then with a manual transmission though, so you may have some difficulty finding replacement parts. If there was a problem with the hydraulics you would most likely see fluid leaks. Since the clutch is hydraulically operated, you should expect to have a very light feel. This is not an indication the clutch is going. Mercedes makes a shim a few mils thick that they slip into a slot on the slave cylinder that actuates the clutch. When the clutch is worn down, the rod sticking out of the slave cylinder extends further. To measure the advent of the clutch's "last legs" a slot is machined into this rod, and it aligns with the slot in the housing, allowing the shim to pass further into the housing of the slave cylinder. If you go get this tool you can keep track of the condition of the clutch relatively easily.

Hope this helps, Jim
Great info Thanks

There is no identification tag. frustrating. Did not come with any paperwork other than the title. The car belonged to his grandfather and he did not get anything. I asked at the DMV but they said with how old it was there are no emissions requirements so do not worry. Thinking about trying to contact DOT about the car, but I do not want to open a can of worms. The only thing that appears to be changed is the speedometer and the seat belt light. It has Euro lights, bumpers and emissions. (no cat, no unleaded restrictor, no egr, etc.)

The clutch is available locally. Guess I am lucky as there is a good parts shop near me. He has a gray market car himself. So he has good sources and get parts from Germany if he has to.

So how hard is the clutch going to be? I figure the Trany is going to be heavy. I have done a few clutches in the past. (1 VW FWD and 1 MG) Worried that the transmission may be way to heavy. The VW you get every thing un hooked and just lower it down on your chest and roll out on your creaper. I do not think this would work with this transmission as it looks to weigh about as much as my whole VW! Do not want to drop it on my chest !

I noticed your from Old Lyme. My daughter lives close to you. We drive thru your aria on our way to there old house in New London. Not sure what town she is in now as she just moved. I know she is about 1/2 hour from Pfizer. (where she works)
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