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Originally Posted by yal View Post
Not only will the ABS lock up later with more grip but the ABS pulses will be less and spaced further apart due to the extra grip.

Also with winter tires, thinner is better, so you want the thinest wheel for your car and then match winter tires to it.
I think narrower would be a better term as some people might think you mean to put silly DUB rims on their cars. LOL.

And yes. Winter tires in snow will always be safer. I love when people tell me that RWD is "no good" in winter than I find out they are using all seasons. LOL.

Personally I dislike abs as a rule but then the few times I have activated have been glad for it. Though there have been situations where I could have stopped faster without it.

But then I have been known to drive 600 km a day in snowstorms. LOL.

In general. abs works. It's one of the few so-called "safety features" these days that does. (unlike garbage like stability control which is just a fall back for bad drivers.)

Winter tires as said above don't "chew up" roads, though driving them on dry pavement (say leaving them on all summer....) especially as it warms up, will chew the TIRES up.

Some people don't want to spend the money on snows but how much is your life worth? Remember too that in the long run, after the initial purchase, they won't cost that much "more" as you have each set on for 6 months therefore theoretically lasting twice as long.

A few years ago, North of here, a woman was brainlessly yapping on her phone on BLACK ICE and all seasons and through her carelessness spun into a creek drowning herself and her 4 year old. Strangely enough the family blamed THE ROAD!! It's possible that if they'd had proper winter tires and she was actually paying attention to her driving, she'd still be alive.

abs uses the traction that's there. If it can't "feel" it, it goes 'looking" for it. LOL.

Ironically the first time I drove a vehicle with abs I rear ended someone. My fault as I was pissed that he was stopping and slowing down over and over again. He suddenly jammed on the brakes and since my own vehicle didn't have abs I was leaving the distance I THOUGHT I needed to stop. Oops! It was on ice and of course when I hit the brakes, "click, click, click, bang!!".

Though this was at less than 5 mph, I'd forgotten I was driving an abs equipped vehicle.

Turned out the other guy was looking for his sunglasses. Since then of course, I've supposedly grown up and try not to intimidate stupid people for being stupid anymore. LOL. No matter how impatient I get. Mostly, this works.

And Yal is right. A wider tire will "ride over" the snow or slush or...

A narrower (thinner) Tire will dig through and get grip.
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