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Talking Newbie needs help- Yes, i have tried searching :)

Originally posted by Benzmac
The check engine light on this car will come on for more than 60 reasons. There are several codes that could be the cause...You need to take and have the codes read to start the repair process.

So how do I check the codes?

My jeep has a procedure where you turn the ignition on and off 3 times in a row, and the "check engine" light flashes the code.
Is there anything like this on the Mercedes? or do i need some kind of reader?


Edit: after further searching, I have pretty much accepted that some kind of tool is needed to get any kinds of codes from the car. So now my best bet is to go and find a part store or mechanic to read the codes for me.

Once I get them, where can I check to see what they are for? I'm pretty sure the cause of the light is the O2 sensor, but I would like to make sure. And also would like to know which one is dead.

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