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I own a CLK Cabrio with 1900 miles. While at a full stop, I thought it was time to check the acceleration of the new car (engine at normal operating temperature). For some odd reason, while depressing the accelerator to its maximum, the transmission had a delay engaging to 1st gear. It finally engaged and the car accelerated smoothly through the gears. As I came back to a full stop, I decided to depress the accelerate slowly through the gears. As I started to move, a loud thud seem to come from the front/rear passenger side. I stopped to see what might have broke, but all I found was oil all over the wheel well of the front passenger side. No oil was found on the tire or anywhere else. I went back to see if I had hit something from where the loud thud came from but found nothing. Do you have any clues where this oil may be coming from and what that large thud could have been? Thanks for the help in advance.