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Off the original topic, but that illustration is too good to pass up.

Crawling around under my 560SEL this morning, I noted some leaking from the rear of the transmission. If you look in the upper illustration, just to the right of the words "160-190 psi @ stall in drive". there is a bolt running fore and aft in the transmission, holding a black part to the transmission body. In the car, it has another piece plugged into it, with a wire that goes off someplace. Well, this guy is drooling transmission fluid. Please help me out, and identify it? I would like to buy a new seal or o ring or gasket, and stop this mess! Not a huge leak, but just enough to leave a mess there.

Also, is the transmission manual you used as a source for the illustration available someplace? I searched my CD Rom for the car, and found nothing on the transmission.

Thanks for the help!
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