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Fuse 7 update - fix !!

Here's an update to my Fuse 7 saga.

I did not think the issues were related ...

At about the same time as fuse 7 started to misbehave, the temp indicator in the car started to show a high reading (i.e. cold engine would indicate a 100 deg C).

I focused on the temp display and after a lot of testing, I decided to spend the $$$ to get a new temp sensor.

Replaced it and the temp indication worked 100%.

I noticed something loose on the removed temp sensor - it is a combination temp sensor and 100deg C elctromagnetic fan switch.

I dismantled the assembly and found that the switching mechanism for the fan was broken and was interfering with the operation of the temp sensor part - and causing intermittent short circuits - popping fuse 7 ...

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