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You need to remove the A/C and climate control units (special DIN removal tool -get at MB or car stereo shop). Remove the ash tray cover (need right angle philips screwdriver). There are two pairs of screws to remove that then are accessible from the ashtray hole and the radio hole. Remove the rim around the shifter (just pulls straight up). At the rear of the shifter underneath the wood is a spring loaded clip that you need a pick tool (maybe can be made with a coat hanger) to pull -pull the clip forward while simultaneously inserting a wedge between the rear edge of the wood and the console itself. This will cause the rear of the wood to unclip, and you can then pivot the rear of the wood cover upwards. There are two clips at the top of the console wood that can be released by pulling the wood downwards (once the rear is detached as described). Hard to explain without pics, hope this helps.

good luck
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