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Pickup Truck Records One Million Miles on Pennzoil® Motor Oil

HOUSTON (August 29, 2001) – William White of Lawrenceville, Georgia pulled his 1995 pickup into Lube 3000 on Buford Drive today for its million-mile oil change. He left Lube 3000 with a brand new pickup compliments of Pennzoil.

William, who lives in Lawrenceville, has put close to 800 miles per day on his truck, while delivering newspapers from Spartanburg, SC to Nashville, TN. Every four workdays, William takes his truck to the same Lube 3000 to have his oil changed, always insisting on Pennzoil® motor oil.

"Bill has been a loyal customer of Lube 3000 and Pennzoil® motor oil," said Dave Page, Atlanta market manager for Pennzoil. "His unwavering dedication to oil changes with Pennzoil® every 3,000 miles, has kept his 1995 pickup in peak condition. We're more than happy to provide him with a brand new pickup to do it all again."

Pennzoil is taking the million-mile pickup to its research laboratories in Texas for a close look at the engine. Jeff Hsu, one of the company's senior research engineers, will remove the engine from the vehicle, disassemble it and perform a detailed inspection. Jeff is a CRC certified rater, recognized in the industry for his ability to inspect engine parts and assign a numerical value that describes how clean or worn they are for comparison purposes.

"We do a lot of laboratory tests on engines to simulate extensive mileage under various conditions, but to have one that has actually been driven by a consumer for a million miles is an excellent opportunity to study the real thing," said Mark Ferner, manager of mechanical development at the Pennzoil-Quaker State Company Research & Development Center. "A million miles for a passenger vehicle with a gas engine is quite an accomplishment."

Pennzoil® brand motor oils are manufactured and distributed by Pennzoil-Quaker State Company, a leading worldwide automotive consumer products company, with 20 leading brands in more than 90 countries. The company markets both Pennzoil® and Quaker State® brand motor oils, the number one and number two selling motor oils in the United States. Jiffy Lube, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pennzoil-Quaker State Company, is the world's largest fast lube operator and franchiser. For more information about Pennzoil-Quaker State Company, visit its web site at
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