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It did not say what kind of truck.

Oil is an never ending debate and I am reading and learning on this subject almost daily.

I have a few things to share from my reading:

* The term synthetic does not tell anything nowadays. You may have heard that the Castrol Syntec uses a Group III hydrocracked base stock but call it synthetic. The Group III hydrocracked base stock is a super refined crude oil stock, i.e., dino.

* Well, Mobile 1 lost that advertising battle in court against Castrol, so they started the tri-synthetic by mixing some Group III hydrocracked base stock in their "synthetic" oil. If you look at the Mobile 1 spec sheets on their Website, these oils are called hydrocarbons now.

* So now only Amsoil, Quaker State, Pennzoil, and Vavoline, plus a few others are truly "synthetic".

* Give Pennzoil credit as they use "PureBase" base stock in their $0.99 per quart oil (when on sale). These are the same hydrocracked base stock others call "synthetic".

* The recent Ford 5w-20 oil also uses a hydrocracked base stock. I guess at that light viscosity, the regular Group I or II base stock just won't cut it.

* Chevron Delo 400 15W-40 uses a Group II base stock. Mobile Delvac 15W-40 used use a Group II base stock but the "new" recipe mixes some Group I base stock in it to "increase performance". Shell Rotella uses only Group I base stock and that is why it is kind of inferior in many properties such as pour point, flash point, etc.

* Almost all other inexpensive dino oil uses Group I base stock.

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