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Steve Whiteside
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David & Aaron,
Thanks for the timely feedback and advice! My E320 starts easily and always idles fine. I think my problem is very similar to the one David described as Acceleration Resistance [in the archives].
I will replace the coil ends and plugs and report back. [I replaced the front flex disk last year].

David, by the way, I still have the automatic downshift "clunk" as the car drops into first at about 10mph. Were you successful in figuring this out on your car???
I recently noticed the gas tank doorflap is sticking [and hence may have a vacuum leak].....possibly this vacuum leak could have an effect on the transmission modulation for the downshift to low?? [the upshifting is perfect].

Steve Whiteside
'95 E320wagon
'81 300TDT
'59 220SE Ponton 4-dr Sedan
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