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Exclamation engion turns over but will not start

I recently returned from a 500 mile trip with my 97 s500. It drove great, however, as I pulled into my drive way the engion ! light came on and it ran a little rough. I tried to start the car 30 minutes later and the engion would turn over, but not fire up. I had my mechanic check the fuel pump and it seems to be fine, we then replaced the fuel filter. Upon further examination, we found that fuel was getting to the hose leading to the engion, (strong pressure from the valve leading to the injectors) however, the injectors are all dry (no gas). My mechanic is recommending a new computer for the car. According to him, if the gas is getting to the engion, but not to the injectors, then the pulse from the computer is not allowing the gas to flow through the injectors to the engion. Is this reasonable?


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