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'85 500SL (Euro) ABS Braking Problem

Scanned several hundred messages looking for someone with the following problem. Alas...

When driving above 60 MPH and I hit the brakes, the car veers sharply to the right and repeats with every pump till below about 60 MPH. (Feels like what I would imagine riding on a surfboard is be like.) Below 60 MPH brakes act normal, with a slight pull to the left. Have replaced pads, fluid, drag link, tie-rod ends, but to no avail.

When I purchased the car the ABS light was on..."been that way since I had it..." Brakes worked fine till my mechanic "cleaned up a sensor". Since then... My thinking is the previous owner might have known of the problem and found a way to defeat it.

Curious what the problem might be, but also whether I really need the ABS for a good functioning braking system and whether I ought to ask my mechanic to "restore the problem light"???


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