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Question Threading on pressure connections 722.3 trans?

What type of threading connection is it for the pressurecontrol points on the 722.3 transcase?

I've got my gauges ready and it would be nice to have the right adapter right away to avoid delays.

(Remains of earlier post)
So my car has the well known hard 1-2 and soft 3-4 shifts we all love
This is only noticed when cruising along, when I put it to the floor everthing behaves nicely.
Trans in question is 722.357

I've done the fluid/filter replacement but it didn't introduce an improvement at all.

I plan to do a vaccum check when i get hold of a gauge in the correct range as well as the values it should have.
The local dealer thinks they are God's gift to humanity and wont supply any info at all.

It would be nice to have some kind of reference with measurments procedures and adjustments that can be done not just for the trans but for all of the car and my thoughts wandered towards this "cd manual" you all are talking about.

Where can I find this the cheapest and what is included in regards of my particular model? Anyone know?

The Haynes manual is a complete joke and only good for cleaning the wiper blades.

MB E300TDT -98

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