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Originally posted by TurboTurbine
well it is kind of a strange situation about the model year of the car. The owners manual in the car says 85 (may or may not be original) but the door tag says 11/84. maybe 11/84 actually comes under 85 model year.
With just about every make of car sold, they sell the model year from about October to October.


If your car was made in November of 1984, it WOULD NOT be a 1984. IT WOULD BE A 1985.

It also takes about 1-2 months for the car to be shipped to a dealer. Most manufacturers start the model run in production during August of the preceeding year.

Most (very few exceptions) cars made after 08/84 will be 1985 models.

This October of 2002, go check out the 2003 models in your local MB showroom. Guess what? It's not even 2003 yet, but they're selling 2003 models! And therefore, they MUST have been made in 2002, as it's pretty much impossible to make a car in 2003 and sell it in 2002!

In fact, Mercedes is talking about having the 2003 model SL roadster available soon. In 2002! I imagine the first ones will be produced in 2002. Seems to make sense if they are planning to sell them this summer (2002), they might have to make some first.

And those first 2003 SL owners will have a 2002 production date.

IGNORE the production date in determining your model year. IGNORE IT. Look at the VIN. Ask your dealer. Look at your registration. Call MBUSA with the VIN (1-800-FOR-MERC) and ask them.

Odds are that your 11/84 car is a 1985. My 1998 C230 was made in 10/97, and I took delivery in December 1997. Even though I took delivery in 1997, it is a 1998. No doubt about it.
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