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300TE Transmission B-2 Band

OK. First let me state I must be the dumbest person on earth. Let me tell you what I did. I was changing the B-2 Piston o-ring right under the cover. (i believe it is the B-2, the second large round cover passenger side). Once the cover was off I pulled out the item with the spring on it. I assume that is the piston itself. Well as soon as i did that I realized that it was probably connected to something inside the transmission and I just screwed myself. Sure enough. I put it all back togethor and now I have no forward gears. So I am assuming the piston is no longer connected to the band. Is that correct. How can I connect it? I have sean some people say you can change the B-2 piston from the outside so I am assuming there is a way to reconnect it. Any advice is appreciated.

Chuck Chiasson
1990 300TE
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